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The winner of the BEST BRAND award in our 2022 Firework Awards UK is Vivid Pyrotechnics.
Vivid have built their reputation on producing uniquely stunning fireworks across their whole range in just a few short years. Innovation is key to Vivid’s popularity – they are the first retail brand to produce strobe candles, colour-change mine cakes, whistling dump cakes, pro-effect pearl and comet slices and colour-change horsetails and the quality of their items is so good that they are commonly used in the biggest professional displays in the UK.
Vivid were runners up in the Best Brand category last year and have gone one better and claimed the title in 2022.

The winner in our BEST SMALL CAKE category is Happy Shepherd from Celtic Fireworks. This 16 shot small cake is perfect for small gardens and certainly packs a punch with its red, blue and purple twilight glitter breaks. Happy Shepherd was very popular among voters, securing almost half of the total vote in this category.

For the second year running the winner in our BEST MEDIUM CAKE category is White Spirit from Prestigious Pyrotechnics. White Spirit comprises 49 shots of white-tipped coconut breaks finishing with a spectacular triple volley. It is a perfect example of using pace and timing to create a stunning cake from a single effect.

The winner of our BEST LARGE CAKE category is prolific from Prestigious Pyrotechnics. Prolific begins with huge straight-firing breaks of red to silver lace and blue to red lace before unleashing waves of fanned red, silver and multicolour lace which builds in tempo towards an unforgettable chaotic finale.

Prestigious Pyrotechnics have done it again and scored another BEST COMPOUND win for the now legendary Pyroclastic Storm. This incredible compound filled with almost 3Kg NEC of powder and boasting 25mm bore tubes throughout provides a relentless 65-second display of effects and colour with a stream of bombettes fired in a W-trident formation. Ending with a finale volley of 24 simultaneous angled breaks, this compound is a display in itself!

The winner in our BEST FOUNTAIN category is Glacier Rising from Celtic Fireworks. Glacier rising produces the classic silver jet effect which lasts over a minute and a half. Such is the consistency of this fountain in both height and duration, this fountain is commonly used in professional displays. One of the best selling fountains in the UK for several years now, Glacier Rising is now an award winner!

The winner of the BEST ROCKET award 2022 is the Raptor Glow-Worm from Kimbolton Fireworks. This rocket produces a very rare trailing, twilight brocade effect not seen in many years. This is a really professional style rocket that although is difficult to get hold of, is certainly worthy of this award.

Prestigious Pyrotechnics have done it again and scooped their fourth award with their Lightning Hawks picking up the award for BEST ROCKET PACK 2022. Lightning Hawks are Prestigious’s version of the popular medium size Hawk rockets with each of the five in the pack delivering a different effect with great hang time.

The winner of the BEST ROMAN CANDLE award is Let’s Go from Celtic Fireworks. This candle only came onto the market last year but has already made a big impression with its multicolour to strobe effect delivering a really unique display. Let’s Go really comes into its own when used in multiples and fanned, producing a huge effect reminiscent of a professional peacock cake.

The winner of the BEST WHEEL award is Super Spinners from Celtic Fireworks. Super Spinners is a single Catherine wheel producing six different effects across its 40 second duration. This is a very reasonably priced classic wheel that can be used in small garden displays and large community displays alike.

For the second year in a row the winner of the BEST SELECTION BOX award is Shindig from Jonathan’s Fireworks. This very popular selection box contains 28 individual fireworks including cakes, rockets, roman candles, fountains and wheels making this box perfect for any traditional garden Guy Fawkes night.

The winner of the BEST BARRAGE PACK in our 2022 awards is The Asylum from Vivid Pyrotechnics – the second year in a row Vivid have picked up this award. This pack contains NINE stunning cakes of mixed bore sizes and includes many effects including strobes, willows, brocades and chrysanthemum crackle with very vibrant coloured comets, pearls and stars.

The winner of the BEST LOW NOISE award is Stealth from Zeus Fireworks. This stunning low noise mixed effect barrage has it all with mines, comets, waterfalls, leaves, fish and everything else you could ever want from a fanned low-noise cake. Its 120 shots last over a minute and it completes the low noise display with a stunning volley of bright red crossettes. A true ‘display in a box’.

The BEST DUMP CAKE OR MINE award is new for 2022 and the inaugural winner is Dark Demolliesher from Celtic Fireworks. This dump cake needs to be seen to be believed, with 19 shots of cracking mines to a huge cracking chrysanthemum cloud being fired instantly. This is the perfect cake to start or end a display and it’s hard to think of a firework with more immediate impact than the Dark Demolliesher.

The winner of our INNOVATION award for 2022 is Marvel from Vivid Pyrotechnics. Vivid have done it again and taken a hugely popular professional effect and put it in the hands of retail consumers. Marvel produces 25 colour-change mines from its 30mm tubes in a Z-firing pattern. It’s niche but it’s one of the most professional looking fireworks on the market and would fit in to even the biggest professional displays. Once again Vivid have been true to their name and produced a stunningly colourful and vibrant firework in the award-winning Marvel.


Absolute Fireworks – Zero 2 Sixty
Zero 2 Sixty from Absolute Fireworks was one of the first professional-style, low-noise cakes to be made available to the public. The cake began with slow Z-firing crackling comets and then sped up with waves of fanned crackles to ruby red crossettes. It was such a spectacular, sky-filling and unique effect that it spawned an-ever popular spin-off in Celtic’s Slow Then Go.

Brothers Pyrotechnics – Hercules
Hercules is one of the most popular SIBs of all time and is as popular today as it has ever been. The key to its success might be the unique pace of the effects – starting with straight firing peonies, to V-firing, to W-Firing, building pace and filling more and more sky as it goes, finishing with Z-firing gold and blue brocades and a fanned finale of chrysanthemum breaks. Hercules was one of the first great SIBs on the market but still holds its own amongst a huge SIB market which now includes two Hercules spin -offs – The Hercules Limited Edition and the Hercules Mini.

Fireworks International – Triple H Bomb
Triple H Bomb was a much-loved medium-sized cake that fired 75 breaks from its 25 shots. To this day there has not been another cake on the market that has featured a triple-break effect, essentially three separate breaks per tube. Because each shot had a triple break, the length of the firing tubes was longer than usual to accommodate, which meant each shot fired noticeably higher into the sky than other cakes of this size. A truly memorable firework in many ways!

Klasek - Brocade War
Brocade War is a cake that has only been available to UK consumers for five years or so but which has already gone down in folklore as being one of the most impactful fireworks of the modern age. The firework contains only two effects – brocades and titanium salutes but the way in which it interlaces these effects is novel and spectacular. Brocade war has inspired spin-offs of same name, including rockets and fanned versions.

Mars – The Boneshaker
The Boneshaker was a mixed effect SIB, notorious for its ultra-loud multiple titanium salute finale. Its unique coffin-shaped packaging made it stand out in a packed SIB market in the mid 2010s but this was not just a gimmick firework. Pulse firing 80 shots of various effects made it a very popular piece for any display and the inclusion of the salute finale, unique at the time, gave it legendary status.

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