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The winner of the BEST SMALL CAKE category in our 2021 firework awards is Crown 500 from Zeus Fireworks which received 29.2% of the public vote. Stunning is an understatement with this small but powerful 19 shot barrage.  Massive silver & red strobing tails bursting into huge breaks of titanium gold palms with white strobes fire high into the sky from this cake over thirty seconds of pure quality.


The winner of the BEST MEDIUM CAKE category in our 2021 firework awards is White Spirit from Prestigious Pyrotechnics which received 33.2% of the public vote. White Spirit comprises 49 shots of white-tipped coconut breaks finishing with a spectacular triple volley. It is a perfect example of using pace and timing to create a stunning cake from a single effect. 


The winner of the BEST LARGE CAKE category in our 2021 firework awards is Motherload by Celtic Fireworks which received 27.2% of the public vote. This incredible 85-shot cake from Celtic has it all! Starting with an eye-opening double fan of brocades and mines it zips between V, Z and W shaped firing patterns with a mixture of glittering brocades, strobing peonies, a huge trident of red ghost breaks and finishes with a triple crackling brocade willow. 


The winner of the BEST COMPOUND category in our 2021 firework awards is Pyroclastic Storm from Prestigious Pyrotechnics which received 33% of the public vote. This incredible compound filled with almost 3Kg NEC of powder and boasting 25mm bore tubes throughout provides a relentless 65-second display of effects and colour with a stream of bombettes fired in a W-trident formation. Ending with a finale volley of 24 simultaneous angled breaks, this compound is a display in itself!


The winner of the BEST FOUNTAIN category in our 2021 firework awards is Jumping Jelly Beans by Kimbolton Fireworks which received 25% of the public vote.  This is the second time Jumping Jelly Beans has been featured in our 2021 awards with the fountain also being inducted into our Hall of Fame class of 2021! This outstandingly bright, intense and colourful fountain was the originator of this effect many years back but is still as popular as ever in garden displays and professional events across the UK. 


The winner of the BEST ROCKET category in our 2021 firework awards is Supernova (silver strobe version) by Primed Pyrotechnics which received 27.6% of the public vote. This is one of the most talked about rockets in the last decade for good reason. The large single rocket market was for years saturated with brocade willow breaks until Primed produced one of the most stunning effects imaginable with this huge shell-like silver strobing break that hangs in the air long after the impressive boom! 


The winner of the BEST ROCKET PACK category in our 2021 firework awards is Super Rocks by Celtic Fireworks! This outstanding rocket pack showcases three different effects - A brocade crown, a white mega-strobe and an impressive red crossette ring with chrysanthemum pistil.  Although up against some stiff competition, Super Rocks won this category with 23% of the vote. 


The winner of the BEST ROMAN CANDLE category in our 2021 firework awards is Royal Palms by Zeus Fireworks which received 28.1% of the public vote. Royal Palms is a high quality 300 shot quick-firing candle barrage, similar to those used in large scale professional displays. With stunning thick brocade palm tails with radiant blue pearls launching skyward to nearly 90 feet, whether used singly or in angled multiples, Royal Palms is king of the candles!


The winner of the BEST WHEEL category in our 2021 firework awards is Carousel by Zeus Fireworks! This unique square-shaped wheel received 28.5% of all votes in this category, comfortably beating eleven other wheels into first place.  Spinning like a carousel, this large Catherine wheel is driven by four powerful motors starting with a red glow building with golden floss and changing to brilliant bright silver rain.


The winner of the BEST SELECTION BOX category in our 2021 firework awards is Shindig by Jonathan's Fireworks which received 30.1% of the public vote.  This very popular selection box contains 28 individual fireworks including cakes, rockets, roman candles, fountains and wheels making this box perfect for any traditional garden Guy Fawkes night. 


The winner of the BEST BARRAGE PACK category in our 2021 firework awards is The Asylum from Vivid Pyrotechnics which received 34.3% of the public vote. This pack contains NINE stunning cakes of mixed bore sizes and includes many effects including strobes, willows, brocades and chrysanthemum crackle with very vibrant coloured comets, pearls and stars.


The winner of the BEST LOW NOISE category in our 2021 firework awards is Chemical Romance by Celtic Fireworks which received 20% of the public vote.

Chemical Romance is a truly professional-looking piece that is regularly used in large scale pro displays thanks to the sheer impact of the effects. A trident of thick comet tails break into huge, coloured crossettes that reach a skyscraping height. With 30 shots and almost 1KG NEC, low-noise cakes don't get much more impressive than this popular behemoth.  


The 2021 Award for Innovation goes to Screaming Demons by Vivid Pyrotechnics which received 23.4% of the public vote. Screaming Demons is a truly unique dump cake where 25 howling serpents are ejected instantly which at their incredible peak height burst into silent blood-red falling leaves. Although category F2, this stunning cake has been used in some of the biggest professional displays in the UK, proving that this really is an innovative and outstanding firework that will make a statement in a display of any size. 


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the BEST BRAND category in our 2021 firework awards is Zeus Fireworks! We received 1004 votes in this category and Zeus beat 53 other brands into first place with a whopping 43.3% of the public vote. Zeus Fireworks boast an impressive range of retail products, from fountains, wheels and rockets to candles, cakes and compounds and have won awards for Best Small Cake, Best Roman Candle and Best Wheel in 2021 with Crown 500, Royal Palms and Carousel all winning with high acclaim.  Zeus Fireworks have firmly established themselves as a top brand in just a few short years but in 2021 they can be regarded as the best fireworks brand in the UK​​​.​​​​​​​​​

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