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Our annual awards start in early March when our online voting form opens to the general public. At the same time, members of the UKFR community will be deciding upon our 2022 Hall of Fame entrants. 

Voting closed on the 10th April 2022 and a live awards ceremony will air on YouTube on Sunday 1st May 2022 to announce all of the winners. 

The main importer of the winning fireworks will receive an award certificate and all winners will feature on this website. 

Follow the UK Firework Alliance Facebook page for updates and announcements. We will add more details here in the coming weeks. 

If you have any questions or queries, email us at

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Image by Warren Tobias


The UK has a steeped history of firework use, with fireworks being used to celebrate events, religious festivals and national celebrations for hundreds of years.

Today, millions of fireworks are sold for public use each year in the UK and the quality and innovation of design continues to provide more spectacular yet safer fireworks each year.

With this in mind the UK Firework Alliance in association with the UKFR bring you Firework Awards UK - an annual celebration of retail fireworks, showcasing the best of the best, with the winners chosen by the general public. 

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BEST SMALL CAKE - 2021 Winner - Zeus Crown 500

BEST MEDIUM CAKE - 2021 Winner - Prestigious Pyrotechnics White Spirit

BEST LARGE CAKE - 2021 Winner - Celtic Motherload

BEST COMPOUND - 2021 Winner - Prestigious Pyrotechnics - Pyroclastic Storm

BEST FOUNTAIN - 2021 Winner - Kimbolton Jumping Jelly Beans

BEST ROCKET - 2021 Winner - Primed Supernova Strobe

BEST ROCKET PACK - 2021 Winner - Celtic Super Rocks

BEST ROMAN CANDLE - 2021 Winner - Zeus Royal Palms

BEST WHEEL - 2021 Winner - Zeus Carousel

BEST SELECTION BOX - 2021 Winner - Jonathan's Shindig

BEST BARRAGE PACK - 2021 Winner - Vivid The Asylum

BEST LOW NOISE - 2021 Winner - Celtic Chemical Romance

INNOVATION AWARD - 2021 Winner - Vivid Screaming Demons

BEST BRAND - 2021 Winner - Zeus Fireworks

Firework Awards UK: Text
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