The Innovation Award is open to any category F2 or F3 retail firework which is novel, unique or has innovative features that makes it stand out among other fireworks. 

The firework could feature a new effect that has not been seen in consumer fireworks before, a novel twist on an old design or a feature which is innovative in the way the product is intended to be used.




The 2021 Award for Innovation goes to Screaming Demons by Vivid Pyrotechnics which received 23.4% of the public vote. 

Screaming Demons is a truly unique dump cake where 25 howling serpents are ejected instantly which at their incredible peak height burst into silent blood-red falling leaves. 

Although category F2, this stunning cake has been used in some of the biggest professional displays in the UK, proving that this really is an innovative and outstanding firework that will make a statement in a display of any size.