Our Firework Awards UK Hall of Fame features retail fireworks that are either discontinued or have been around long enough to become a much-loved classic or achieve legendary status amongst firework enthusiasts.

Only FIVE fireworks each year will be inducted into our Hall of Fame and these will have been selected by a team of experienced members of the UKFR (UK Firework Review) community. 

Scroll down to view the Hall of Fame class of 2021.


Sovereign - 3" Mines

Our first entry in the Hall of Fame class of 2021 are the legendary 3" mines from Sovereign. 
The mines came in 6 varieties - red crossette, green crossette, gold to blue, whistles, dragons and colour butterflies and were one of the most impactful retail fireworks of all time, launching with a satisfying boom and firing a wide column of stars high in the air. These Sovereign mines were unfortunately discontinued in 2017 but continue to be regarded as a product many would love to see return. 


Cube - Powerstation 1

Cube's Powerstation 1 was one of the first cakes in the UK to feature humming/screeching volleys of bombettes and in the early 2000s was one of the most highly regarded fireworks available. 
Although now discontinued it launched a whole host of copycat fireworks that are still available today under several popular brands.


Royal Party - Diamonds 70

Royal Party produced two cakes as part of their Crown Jewels range - Diamonds and Sapphires with Diamonds being the best known of the two and used in many finales of large-scale displays for the best part of a decade. 
Diamonds pulse-fired 70 huge bombettes filled with golden brocades and pink, green and gold stars and is still considered one of the most powerful and impressive cakes of all time. 


Kimbolton - Jumping Jelly Beans

Kimbolton brought us something truly unique with this legendary fountain. The outstandingly bright and intense colours are created by using nitrocellulose in the manufacturing process, with this being the first fountain to use this method. 
Jumping Jelly Beans is still as popular today as it was decades ago and its design and groundbreaking effects have spawned a handful of modern imitators.


Gold Label - The King

Gold Label's The King rocket is and was in a league of its own. There have been many rockets that have tried to impersonate the hanging golden brocade trails that this rocket produced but not many have come close. 
The King was the epitome of class and excellence in its day, regularly used to close a large display and this rocket remains the yardstick that all other brocade rockets are still measured against.