best low noise | firework awards uk

The winner of the BEST LOW NOISE category in our 2021 firework awards is Chemical Romance by Celtic Fireworks which received 20% of the public vote.

Chemical Romance is a truly professional-looking piece that is regularly used in large scale pro displays thanks to the sheer impact of the effects. A trident of thick comet tails break into huge, coloured crossettes that reach a skyscraping height. With 30 shots and almost 1KG NEC, low-noise cakes don't get much more impressive than this popular behemoth.  



This award covers any category F2 or F3 firework on sale in the UK that produces a low noise effect. 

This category is open to any type of firework including cakes, candles, wheels, fountains, compounds and rockets where the principle pyrotechnic effect is considered low noise.