The Best Compound category covers any category F2 or F3 retail barrage that is made up of two more more individual cakes that are intended to be fired using a single fuse.

Nominated compounds can include any permitted tube bore size but the total NEC (net explosive content) of the compound must exceed 1000g.



Best Compound | Firework Awards UK

The winner of the BEST COMPOUND category in our 2021 firework awards is Pyroclastic Storm from Prestigious Pyrotechnics which received 33% of the public vote. 

This incredible compound filled with almost 3Kg NEC of powder and boasting 25mm bore tubes throughout provides a relentless 65-second display of effects and colour with a stream of bombettes fired in a W-trident formation. Ending with a finale volley of 24 simultaneous angled breaks, this compound is a display in itself!