The Best Brand category is open to any firework brand currently producing or importing category F2 or F3 fireworks for the UK retail market.

The category covers any firework brand, big or small, whether they import a handful of items or a range of hundreds and the winner will be chosen by the wider public from a shortlist of the main firework brands currently selling in the UK. 



best brand.jpg

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the BEST BRAND category in our 2021 firework awards is Zeus Fireworks!

We received 1004 votes in this category and Zeus beat 53 other brands into first place with a whopping 43.3% of the public vote. 

Zeus Fireworks boast an impressive range of retail products, from fountains, wheels and rockets to candles, cakes and compounds and have won awards for Best Small Cake, Best Roman Candle and Best Wheel in 2021 with Crown 500, Royal Palms and Carousel all winning with high acclaim. 

Zeus Fireworks have firmly established themselves as a top brand in just a few short years but in 2021 they can be regarded as the best fireworks brand in the UK!

Congratulations to Zeus Fireworks on a much deserved win!