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2023 Firework Awards UK

The winners in our Firework Awards UK 2023 were announced on Sunday the 7th May. You can re-watch the livestream by clicking the video above. 

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Firework Awards UK

More details about Firework Awards UK, previous winners and our awards process.

Firework Retailers

Here you can find links to specialist firework retailers across the UK who sell fireworks all year round, offer great value for money and can also advise you on the most suitable fireworks for your display.


Firework Awards UK is brought to you by the UK Firework Alliance in association with the UK Firework Review (UKFR)
The UKFR offers support and information to consumers as well as hosting the largest firework forum in the UK.


For all enquiries, email us at or use the contact form.

If you are a firework retailer, email us for details of our sponsorship opportunities including an inclusion on our Firework retailers page.

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